Dear Prof. Hanbay:

The Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering (AJSE) is a peer-reviewed research journal with a track record of 33 years, and is published by King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

I am writing to ask you to evaluate the attached manuscript, which was submitted for possible publication in one of our upcoming regular issues.

I would like you please to kindly inform us, within one week, whether you would be willing to review the attached manuscript, using the attached evaluation form to be completed and returned as an e-mail attachment. 

If you are unable to provide a review, could you please recommend a colleague (with email address), who might be willing to undertake this task?

Should you agree, I look forward to receiving your evaluation report on this manuscript, by e-mail, within six weeks.

In appreciation for your efforts, the AJSE is offering an honorarium of $100 (or equivalent), per timely review. For this purpose, please fill up the attached AJSE Payment form to facilitate your honorarium.

Further information may be obtained from the AJSE home page:, which contains also a number of recent and back issues.




Dr. Bassam M. El Ali

Managing Editor, AJSE