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Department of Electrical Education

The Department of Electrical Education was founded in 1992, Firat University, Technical Education Faculty.The Department started its education program in 1994-1995.The aim of the undergraduate education of the department is to equip students with up to date knowledge and practical skills required for Electric Teachers.   Successful students are awarded the degree of Bachelor of Science (B.S.C) in Electrical Education at the end of the fourth year. During this period of undergraduate study students are expected to spend a minimum of 40 working days in industry over two consecutive summers. In the Electrical Education Department strong academic programs provide a background for the directed research that form a part of the M.S.C programs. Some of the major research activities are: Power system analysis and planning, power system control and operation,insulation, H.V. measurement techniques, design of electrical machines, control of electrical machines, electrical drives, power converters, process control and instrumentation, intelligent control, adaptive control, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, signal processing and computer aided instruction. The graduate program gives opportunities to qualified students for further education at an advanced level. The students may specialize in the fields of circuits and systems, signal processing, control systems, electrical machines and power electronics, power systems and high voltage.The candidates fulfilling the university requirements are awarded the degree of Master of Science (M.S.C) in Department of Electrical Education. The department has, electric circuits, control, electric machinery winding laboratories in which undergraduate students have opportunity to enrich their practical experience. In 2008-2009 fall and spring semestres, there are 392 students in the undergraduate program and 7 students in the graduate program of the department. The Department of Electrical Education has continued its education program with 1 Assoc.Prof., 4 Asst.Prof., 2 Instructor and 5 research assistant today. Students prefer the Department of Electric Education due to the popularity of the occupation and the opportunity for finding a job easily.

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