Fýrat University Research Fund (FÜNAF) was established based on the Higher Education Law No.2547 and it supported the research projects, Master of Science projects, Doctorate of Phylosophy projects, Doctorate in Medicine projects.

        FÜNAF was established at 1986 and it supported 402 projects in area of Engineering, Science and Literature, Medicine, Technical Education, Veterinary since through 1986-2000.  205 of these projects are in area of natural and applied science, 164 of these projects are in medical science, 12 of these projects are in social sciences. The number of supported projects as research, infrastructure and driven are 21. 246 projects were completed. Most of the projects were published as papers of journal and/or symposium/conferences.

        FÜNAF was renamed as FÜBAP at 2001 with law 4684. So, Fýrat University Scientific Research Projects Management Unit (FÜBAP) was established and it got a guideline at 2002. After that it can support the projects in area of Engineering, Medical Science, Veterinary, Theology, Technical Education, Science and Literaturee and Aquatic Science.