Module Code Number

BES 526

Number of ECTS Credits


Hours / Week (TPC)

3 0 3

Module Lecturer

Department`s lecturers

Year / Term


Typ of Course

(Compulsory / Elective)


Pre requisites / Recommended


Module Contents

-Investigate the different motor characteristics, the different way of energy of specific nutrition in team and individuals.

-Basic Nutrition knowledges, Special Nutrition methods in performans sports, weight control and Nutrition in pre-in-post competition.


Aims and Objectives of the module

Nutrition, adequate and inadequate nutrition, Nutrition elements (Carbonhydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, minarels and water) basal metabolism, daily energy consumption, meal groups, beverages, athletic nutrition, nutrition hygiene.

Method of assessment

Theoretic, Term Paper.

Teaching Language


Textbook /

Recommended readings

Baysal Ayşe: Beslenme, Hacettepe Üniversitesi, Ankara, 1986.

Işıksoluğu Müberra: Beslenme, MEB Basımevi, İstanbul, 1987.

Ersoy Gülgün: Okul çağı ve spor yapan çocukların beslenmesi, Ata ofset, Ankara, 2001.