Modüle Code Number

BES  633

Number of ECTS Credits


Hours / Week (T P C)

3 0 3

Module Lecturer

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Type of Course

(Compulsory / Elective)


Pre requisites / Recommended


Module Contents

Identified the sport economy and explain the importance of its. Sponsorships, Marketing, structure of clubs. Economic structure and activities in some organizations.

Aims and Objectives of the module

This will cover: demand for sport, sports revenues, the economics of sports broadcasting, the pricing of sports events; why professional team sports leagues form, whether clubs are profit-maximisers or win-maximisers, remedies for competitive imbalance such as player drafts, salary caps and revenue sharing, the role of player associations in professional sport; government subsidies in sport, the economic impact of sports events, stadium financing; case studies of professional team sports leagues in world.

Method of assessment

Theoretic, Term Paper.

Teaching Language


Textbook /

Recommended readings

Argan.M., Katırcı H., (2002) Spor Pazarlaması

Başaran M. Atay, T. (2003) Spor ve Sporcuların Vergilendirilmesi, Fort, Rodney D., (2003) Sports Economics, Journal of Sports Economics.