Module Code Number

VBT 604

Number of ECTS Credits


Hours / Week (T P C)

2 0 2

Module Lecturer

Lecturers of the department

Year / Term


Type of Course

(Compulsory / Elective)


Pre requisites / Recommended

Basic principles in wholesome meat production.

Module Contents

History and importance of meat inspection, Ante-mortem and post-mortem inspection. Bacterial, viral, fungal diseases, parasite invasions, bacteriological meat analysis, sanitation of slaughterhouse, chemical residues in meats.  

Aims and Objectives of the module

To understand the principles of veterinary Meat inspection, and basic principles and of wholesome meat production. 

Method of assessment

Lecture and investigations in relation to topics.

Teaching Language


Textbook /

Recommended readings

- General books in relation to the topic