Module Code Number

VBT 644 

Number of ECTS Credits


Hours / Week (T P C)

2 0 2

Module Lecturer

Lecturers of the department

Year / Term


Type of Course

(Compulsory / Elective)


Pre requisites / Recommended

Take lessons with respect to food hygiene and food microbiology.

Module Contents

Good manufacturing practices, sanitation standard operation procedures, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), Food safety in  USA and EU.

Aims and Objectives of the module

To learn and apply providing principles and systems for need  food safety. To know systematic control  methodology of food product factory.

Method of assessment

Lecture and discussion and audit work.

Teaching Language


Textbook /

Recommended readings

- The Microbiological Safety and Quality of Foods (Land, Baird-Parker and  Gould)

- Referents article