Module Code Number

VDS 631

Number of ECTS Credits


Hours / Week (T P C)

1 2 2

Module Lecturer

Assist. Prof. Dr. Seyfettin GUR

Assist. Prof. Dr. Tanzer BOZKURT

Year / Term


Type of Course

(Compulsory / Elective)


Pre requisites / Recommended


Module Contents

Examination of testes, epididymides and accessory glands in male cats, collection and evaluation of semen, examination of reproductive tract and determination of its disorders, oestrus cycle, copulation, infertility, applications of artificial insemination, determination of pregnancy, postpartum period .

Aims and Objectives of the module

Increasing the knowledge and skills of expert member and academic personnel concerning the examination of reproductive tract, determination of heat, and artificial insemination in cats.

Method of assessment

Theoretical expression, practical application and private conversation

Teaching Language


Textbook /

Recommended readings

1-Hafez, ESE, Reproduction in Farm Animals, 5. Edition Lea and Febiger, 1985

2-Gillian Simpson (General editor) Manual of Small Animal Reproduction and Neonatology. BASAVA British Small Animal Veterinary Association 1998

3- Johnston, S.D., Root Kustrifz, M.V. and Olson, P.N.S. Canine and Feline Theriogenology 2001

3-Concannon, P.W. (1991). Reproduction in the dog and cat. In: Perry, T.C. Editor. Reproduction in domestic animals. California, U.S.A. 517-554.